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Love this year has been a big part of both our lives, it was in this month of February when our love story began, so this month holds a special place in our hearts. I love being in love, as much as I love the idea of love. As I have been blessed to learn about love I can say personally, that it is an amazing experience and a wonderful feeling.

Both my love and I celebrate our first Valentine’s day together as our very first with our forever Valentine this month, the first of many to more to come! I can say that before I met him, I never really liked the idea of celebrating that day but now that I got to experience it with him, I kind of don’t mind the idea of celebrating.

I share with you some pictures of our day out on a Sunday afternoon as we explored a hidden place in our city. Enjoy!

His: sweater from H&M , jeans H&M, shoes Adidas


Beach in November? why not!

I turned 20 this November and all I wanted to do to celebrate was run off to the beach with my love, so I did…

…and we spent a lovely day just sitting back by the water just listening to the sweet sound of the waves crashing along the shore and feeling the warm sun on us in the cold November. Surprisingly, during this time the weather still feels like summer when it gets warm out so the cold didn’t bother us.

In my previous celebrations I’ve never done much it’s always been just dinner and cake but this year I wanted something else, something more than dinner and chocolate cake…(even though I did have my chocolate cake) but yes an escape, a great escape to the beach.

My love is the sweetest, I absolutely loved every minute I spent with him at the beach. We had a great day and it will forever be my favorite birthday celebration. I’m excited to see what this year brings to me. May 20 be good to me and may it show me happiness in every way, especially when living life with the love of my life by my side.

I love you B ♥ . Thank you.

I share with you some of my favorite moments from this day and genuinely hope that this year you do something great to celebrate you! 🙂