Summer is approaching us and the roses are in full bloom! I’m very excited for this summer I can’t wait to see the adventures that will come along with it! My love and I made a quick stop to our local Rose Garden where we set  our blanket down under a tree and took in the fresh air. It’s nice to always take some time to just admire the beauty of this life we have and enjoy our surroundings. We also… View Post

My love and I spent a memorable day at the fair, early August. From enjoying the food, the rides, to the variety of exhibits, overall it was a great day at the fair and we enjoyed every bit of it. It was the perfect summer day to have an adventure quite like this. It was definitely a memorable and eventful day that was well spent. With so many things to do in the summer, going to your local fair might… View Post

A Sunday well spent in San Francisco with the family! It was quite the adventure as we explored the piers and all that they offer. The food, and the hidden arcades! We had a fun time and enjoyed it all even the boat ride we went on! What a thrill! There’s always something to do in San Francisco, from visiting historic sites, to exploring the beaches, or the parks that lie on the edge of the city to trying new food,… View Post