Summer is approaching us and the roses are in full bloom! I’m very excited for this summer I can’t wait to see the adventures that will come along with it! My love and I made a quick stop to our local Rose Garden where we set  our blanket down under a tree and took in the fresh air. It’s nice to always take some time to just admire the beauty of this life we have and enjoy our surroundings. We also… View Post

Love this year has been a big part of both our lives, it was in this month of February when our love story began, so this month holds a special place in our hearts. I love being in love, as much as I love the idea of love. As I have been blessed to learn about love I can say personally, that it is an amazing experience and a wonderful feeling. Both my love and I celebrate our first Valentine’s day together as our very first with… View Post

My sister and I spent a day taking a trip down to the San Juan Bautista mission here in California. Our adventure was filled with breathtaking views as we explored the mission and the many sites to visit in just one place. The old mission San Juan Bautista is filled with history from wall to wall. The walls of the church and the wall of the buildings that once lived still stand there today and they give so much history.… View Post

October feels! Fall is here and it’s time for the fall adventures to begin. Pumpkin picking is a must this season! It was a must on our list of things to do in this time of year. We experienced our first trip to the pumpkin patch this year and had a great time wandering around the fields. My love and I took our small date to our local pumpkin patch where we strolled through the pumpkin fields. It’s one of… View Post