Love this year has been a big part of both our lives, it was in this month of February when our love story began, so this month holds a special place in our hearts. I love being in love, as much as I love the idea of love. As I have been blessed to learn about love I can say personally, that it is an amazing experience and a wonderful feeling.

Both my love and I celebrate our first Valentine’s day together as our very first with our forever Valentine this month, the first of many to more to come! I can say that before I met him, I never really liked the idea of celebrating that day but now that I got to experience it with him, I kind of don’t mind the idea of celebrating.

I share with you some pictures of our day out on a Sunday afternoon as we explored a hidden place in our city. Enjoy!

His: sweater from H&M , jeans H&M, shoes Adidas


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